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Alpha Decay, Binding Energy and fusion

by esmeralda4
Tags: alpha, binding, decay, energy, fusion
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Jan29-14, 03:56 AM
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Hi there,

When an alpha particle is formed inside a nucleus by binding together is this essentially nuclear fusion occurring?

Why is this more likely to happen in a large nucleus than a small one?

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Jan29-14, 04:08 AM
dheeraj's Avatar
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looks like you are completely going off the topic
nuclear fusion is a nuclear process where in which two LIGHTER nuclei of two atoms collide and eventually forms a new nucleus. so it is more likely to happen in smaller nucleus.
Jan31-14, 05:53 AM
P: 52
Thanks for reply.

But considering the alpha particle that is formed. Why do the nucleons within the nucleus get even closer together to for an alpha particle with higher binding energy? And why does this not happen in a small nucleus?


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