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Ion neutralization

by mr.smith
Tags: neutralization
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Apr10-14, 03:00 AM
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How would react ion of some gas (low energy anion or cation) in vicinity of a grounded metal surface or in vicinity of an insulator?

I guess a free electron and cation would automaticly recombine. But I don't know the probability nor mechanisms (just tunneling?) for the same thing happening with a cation and a grounded electrode. When it ends up like an electrolysis (the atom will stuck on the electrode) and is there a way to prevent that?

Anions are another thing. I guess that voltage slope around the electrode (induced by anion itself) wouldn't be sufficient to 'pluck' the electron away from the anion.

Sorry for dumb questions.
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May9-14, 02:19 PM
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Noone? :(

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