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Fiber optic current sensors

by strafer
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Feb27-12, 05:09 AM
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Hello a undergrad student from hyderabad ,India. Presently im am doing a theory based research project on fiber optic current sensors ..which are mainly used to sense current in substations .

Recently i got a paper when i googled on the net. It was titled Temperature and Vibration Insensitive Fiber-Optic current sensor(pdf file attached ). In this papers two configurations of FOCS are discussed

-fiber-optic current sensor with 1.Sagnac interferometer configuration
2 .Reflective configuration

As im still graduating ..i dont have a deep knowledge on these configs but howevr im aware of the basics of fiber optics and communications

Can anyone explain the following :

1.these two configs in detail...also differences between them ,pricniples of operation,current ratings measured by each..advantages and disadvantages etc

2.paper explanation in detail..

Hoping for positive replies...plz help i need this info ASAP
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