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How does one measure the angle of Sun and Mars at different time?

by roufeng
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Jan6-14, 06:06 AM
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I used a different method (non-elliptical model) to calculate the angle S-O-T (Sun-Earth-Mars) from 09/10/2000 to 08/10/2010, which accouts to 3650 position points and time span is 1 day, and make comparison with horizons system to find an average of the deviation is 2.98 degrees and the maximum is less than 10 degrees.
If there are more observations, I can do a good comparison.
That is exactly what I meant when I earlier said "you give the appearance of having some agenda, an agenda that goes against the rules of this site."

roufeng, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming your "different method" is an N body gravitational simulation of the solar system. Anything other than that will get you banned as a crackpot.

If you are trying to implement an N body gravitational simulation of the solar system and are getting poor performance (e.g., 10 degrees), ask in some other thread what can be done to improve your accuracy. If you are doing anything but that, don't ask.

Thread closed.

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