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Questions about calcium hydroxide as co2 absorber.

by anthell
Tags: absorber, calcium, hydroxide
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Jan6-13, 01:42 PM
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I want to improve our company's packaging strategy for live seafood products.

The catch is, the box has to be sealed completely.
This causes problem with the ever increasing level of co2 and not enough o2.

Now, since the box is tightly packed with the products and other materials for cushion (imagine
pieces of shredded paper or some sort), i am thinking of mixing a little bit of grinned calcium hydroxide powders in to the shredded paper cushion.

As far as i can gather, this is not recommended because calcium hydroxide can cause irritation right?

now, can anyone clarify on this? or give alternate solution for my problem?

While we are at it, is there anyway i can provide oxygen in this confined space? The box would not be returned so if the method is very expensive, i wouldn't be able to do so.
Is there simple chemical reaction that is relatively cool/cold (the seafood product loves cold temperature), and safe ?
i would like to experiment if i can provide enough o2...

If however, there is a much simpler method, i would love to hear about that too.
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