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What is a GOOD search engine?

by oneamp
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Dec26-13, 06:17 PM
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Search engines now cater to morons at the expense of people who know how to spell.

Sure, there are tons of "switches and command lines" you can use with google but one would think it would retrieve results of a search in quotes first.......before displaying results from words you did not type.
Jan7-14, 11:39 AM
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I am getting sick of this. I started using duckduckgo according to the recommendations here. I searched:
how long logitech wireless mouse battery last switch

First result was here:

control-F search for switch, no results. Why did it return that result? I am not an idiot. I know what I want to look for. Is there a search engine that can return what I search for?

Jan7-14, 11:42 AM
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I recommend Google : )
Jan7-14, 01:26 PM
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I had the same problem with google, even after using quotation marks. I think there is no hope.
Jan7-14, 02:24 PM
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I've noticed that many people don't seem to realize how useful & time-saving it is to know how to use search engines effectively and how much it is *not* just typing what you're looking for in the search field.

This is actually a bit of a pet peeve of mine -- I always cringe when I see people browsing through 10+ pages of results and not even considering to change their query, which is usually the first thing that came to their mind about the topic. Same applies with people either searching for a phrase without quotation marks and not getting the correct results or not searching for an exact phrase and typing in ridiculously long sentences when a two-word search would do (words like what and how and most adjectives are usually completely useless -- nobody wants to cook food that tastes bad, there's no point in searching for delicious recipes or tasty recipes, for example).

Seriously, I know too many people who are frustrated by Google, even though if they just learned a few additional things like using OR, "", -, site:, filetype: etc. and the date filters and had a basic idea of how search engines work, they'd have nothing to complain about.

Quote Quote by oneamp View Post
control-F search for switch, no results. Why did it return that result?
The source contains the word switch (try ctrl+u), which is a very likely cause for the hit. You can see it on the page if you click the display modes button on the top right corner, but just using ctrl+f won't work since the word is not displayed by default.
Jan7-14, 06:36 PM
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The HTML, Javascript, etc. is indexed by the search engine?
Jan10-14, 05:18 PM
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I just searched 'puerto urraco' and duckduckgo and the first result was 'Puerto Hurraco', with nothing on the page or in the source (though I don't think they index the source) about 'urraco'. Does it not bother anyone else that search engines make assumptions about what we might really want?
Jan10-14, 06:15 PM
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Use the site you hate the most. It gives results for Puerto Hurraco but also gives the option of searching for Puerto Urraco in lieu of Puerto Hurraco.

This thread is just a personal rant, something we do not like at this site. Thread closed.

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