CO2 from Sodium hydroxide?

by Magnethos
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Mar15-13, 10:18 AM
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I was thinking how it is possible to obtain carbon dioxide capturing it from the atmosphere and releasing it from the solution.
I've read that "air meets a mist of a sodium hydroxide solution....the carbon dioxide is absorbed by reaction to form sodium carbonate....this solution is pumped into an electrolysis cell through which an electric current is passed. The electricity results in the realease of the carbon dioxide which is collected and stored...."

So all is based to pass air to the sodium hydroxide solution and that solution will capture co2?
Then... I add current with steel electrodes and the co2 from the sodium carbonate solution will be released?
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Mar15-13, 10:39 AM
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More or less. We have discussed this technology in the past:
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Apr17-13, 05:23 PM
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Lot faster and cheaper to use fermentation. Many larger whisky and beer makers clean and sell it. Get a plastic coke bottle, water, sugar, yeast and a bit of nutrient salts.

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