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FPGA Reconfiguration using 2 processors.

by badfate
Tags: fpga, processors, reconfiguration
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Apr7-14, 02:15 AM
P: 14

I've been working on the topic since 8 months and different types of reconfiguration using single soft core is done. I need some help on the procedure as well as theory about using 2 cores.

On the FPGA board that i use, there is PPC hardcore and microblaze softcore.
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Apr7-14, 01:57 PM
P: 1,084
Not sure what you are asking. Are you asking about communication between the two cores (one in fpga and one external)? I'm not sure why you are referring to reconfiguration. I understand reconfiguration as loading a new fpga configuration. Are you doing this dynamically? Again, Your question is not clear.
Apr7-14, 11:29 PM
P: 14
Yes, its done dynamically(without resetting the system, you change a command on hyperterminal/ using a controlling switch on FPGA or give some delay so that the bit file hence functionality changes automatically).

I'm using soft core processor for writing the controlling code that monitors the bit file execution on FPGA. But there exists PPC hardcore on FPGA itself which i havent used. I want to explore different methods of partial reconfiguration using both the processors.

I ll be glad if anyone can help me with even 2 soft cores if not PPC.

BTW, the board i'm using is Xilinx, virtex 5 s/w, 12.4

Apr8-14, 01:46 AM
P: 1,084
FPGA Reconfiguration using 2 processors.

I have never done any partial reconfiguration. Sorry

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