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An optimal planar array for interferometer

by senmeis
Tags: array, interferometer, optimal, planar
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Jan9-14, 07:52 AM
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the attached planar array is said to be optimal for interferometer.

Original description:
An example of such an array using Malloy's design approach is shown in FIG. 4 of this specification. The points 400 of FIG. 4 represent a lattice of antenna spacings for an optimal planar array analogous to the antenna spacings 300 in FIG. 3 for the linear array. The points are now located by two fundamental lattice position vectors ({right arrow over (d)}1) and ({right arrow over (d)}2) shown by reference numeral 40. At least nine (9) antennas 402 are typically required to provide a small gross error rate while providing DOA performance supporting bearings-only geolocation. The optimal array is designed by arranging the nine antennas on the lattice points in different configurations consistent with the relatively prime integer-multiple requirement and computing the quadratic cost (Equation 1) for each arrangement. Just as for the linear array, utilizing these lattice points and prime integer spacings guarantees an array having a gross error rate independent of frequency and signal angle of arrival. The configuration chosen would be one minimizing the cost while giving the required DOA accuracy with the lowest gross error rate. The configuration shown in FIG. 4 is illustrative of how such a final design would look.
I just canít catch the structure of this array. It seems unregular to me. Has anyone ever seen this before?

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