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Sleep behavior

by oneamp
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Jan30-14, 10:01 AM
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First, I'm not asking for medical advice; don't get the wrong idea and delete the thread. I've been all around the world, slept in hostels, dorms, things like that. I've seen people do some strange stuff. People who seem to only sleep a few hours at night, but talk in their sleep, actually sit up and try to have a conversation. It seems abnormal at the time, but they seem happy during the day, and I remember one person who at night, actually fell asleep the moment she laid down, every night, though she didn't seem tired at all. She also sat up and talked in her sleep.

Are these things abnormal?

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Jan30-14, 10:05 AM
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Check this website it describes various abnormal behaviors:
Feb1-14, 11:04 AM
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Are these things abnormal?
When it comes to issues of human health and development, you need to use the terms "normal" and "abnormal" carefully. Any condition that affects more than 2% of the population is certainly "by design" in the sense that, if over the past 100,000 years it presented a problem to survival, it would have become much less prevalent.

Of course, our current environment (soft pillows, running water, traffic congestion, ample and diverse food, etc) is very different from the our ancestors - so the old design may not fit.

For example, snoring is very common - so common that you would have to conclude that it is "by design". Still, it is treatable and many choose to treat it. So how much does it really matter whether snoring (or any other health condition) is "normal"?

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