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Dissolving a plastic without dissolving freeze/thaw treated PVA

by zezinz
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Sep12-13, 05:47 AM
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Hi there

We are two students that are looking for a specific plastic material for our project.

We need to print the lumen of a blood vessel in a plastic material. We will put this inside a tub of PVA which we will freeze/thaw. We then need to dissolve the plastic material without dissolving the PVA so that we end up with an artificial blood vessel in PVA.

We have found two possible ways to do this. Either dissolving the plastic by sending a fluid, which the plastic has low chemical resistance against, through the blood vessel, or using heat to dissolve the plastic as PVA has a high melting point. From what we can find its >150 degrees.

Do you know any material that might fit this description? or how we can find one?

Mikkel and Jacob
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