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Thermal Compound, calculating amount of hardener and resin by weight

by 2slowtogofast
Tags: compound, hardener, resin, thermal, weight
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Jun7-14, 10:24 AM
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I have a simple question. If when mixing two liquids together the directions say mix 10.4 parts of hardner by weight for every 100 parts of resin and I want the final mixture to be 2.75lb, could I do the following?

Mh = mass of hardener
Mr = mass of resin

Mh + Mr = 2.75lb

Mh/Mr = 10.4/100 = .104

Then just solve from there to get the amount of each. I know this should be pretty straight forward but I just wantedto double check. Thanks in advance.
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Jun8-14, 08:27 PM
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This looks OK.

Jun9-14, 02:28 AM
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I always like to lay these things right out as percentages:

You need 9.42% hardener, and need 90.58% resin.

10.4/(100+10.4) = 0.0942
100/(100+10.4) = 0.9058

Mh 0.0942 x 2.75 = 0.259
Mr 0.9058 x 2.75 = 2.491

check1: 0.259 + 2.491 = 2.75
check2: 0.259/2.75 = 0.0942 = 9.42%

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