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Plotting two vectors and a function in MATLAB

by geft
Tags: function, matlab, plotting, vectors
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Mar16-12, 01:58 AM
P: 148
This may seem stupid, but I can't figure out how to plot the following function in MATLAB:

x1 = -5:1:10;
x2 = 0:1:15;
func = (x2-5.1*x1.^2/(2*pi).^2+5*x1/pi-6).^2+10*cos(x1)*(1-1/(8*pi))+10;
I don't know how to include the second variable such that the function produces a 3D plot. Instead I get a 2D curve which seems to assume the second variable as a constant.

Never mind, guys. I got it. You have to convert each variable into matrices by using the meshgrid function.
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