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Why the order of operations?

by S_David
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Mar5-14, 06:54 AM
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Yes, but suppose I'm a complete math illiterate. How would you explain without parenthesis, that 10 - 5 / 5 = 9 not 1? There are no brackets, yet multiplication comes before addition, why is that?
Because modern math education in arithmetics is WRONG and UNPEDAGOGICAL.

Parenthesis use, for arithmetics between more than 2 numbers SHOULD be taught, and children will take it easily.
I have myself taught one child with a diagnosis of slight mental retardation,in half an hour how parentheses are just "math grammar/syntax", that tells what we should do first.

The child found it fun to see how 5-(3-2)=4, whereas (5-3)-2=0.
That is, understanding how parantheses matter.

The major fallacy in today's school teaching is to introduce parentheses at a LATE stage, i.e, when the kids are to be taught how to REMOVE them in order to get a logically equivalent expression i.e, how to rewrite 5-(3-2)=5-3+2, rather than train kids FIRST in calculating 5-(3-2)=5-1=4, and similarly (5-3)-2=2-2=0

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