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Behavior of a Natural Rubber Stud Mount.

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Dec4-13, 05:30 PM
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I am interested in estimating/modelling the behavior of a rubber stud mount ( when a moment is applied about its radial axis. In my application, I am using it primarily as a spring alternative where it supports a steel plate which is to be able to bend in all directions and thus I would be interested in knowing how much force it will exert on the plate per degree of bending.

So far I have referred to datasheets that provide the maximum compression load and compression deflection and assuming that the mount behaves like a spring (This is claimed by the manufacturer) I tried deriving the stiffness using these values. However with my calculations the stud mount appears much stiffer than it is in reality.

If anyone has any ideas on this or can point me to appropriate sources, it will be much appreciated. Please bear in mind that I have no access to the precise material data such as density, young's modulus and tensile strength; I can only use approximate values for these.

Thank you in advance for your assistance
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