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How much amps can i get?

by alexmath
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Mar9-14, 08:14 AM
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What's the maximum amps that can i get from an aa battery without damaging it and how fast that should happen? Also if i had 2 aa batteries and i want to get maximum amps, how it is better to connect them (series or paralel) and how much does it take them to discharge? (sorry for my poor english grammar). Thank you!
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Simon Bridge
Mar9-14, 09:40 AM
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The maximum current you can safely draw depends on the battery - some batteries are engineered to cope with a higher power drain than others. Try reading the label on the battery for useage limitations.

You should be able to use some basic circuit theory to work out the answers to the restof your questions.
Put your battery combination in a simple circuit with a resistance R. Don't forget the internal resistance r for each battery.

Use Ohms' Law and the definition of power.
Compare the differente cases.

The time to drain the battery depends on how the battery is built too - batteries are usually rated in amp-hours, knowing the voltage you can turn that into watt-hours and compare with the power dissipated in the different resistances.

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