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Energy Efficiency Assignment - NEED URGENT HELP!!!

by lhicks
Tags: assignment, efficiency, energy, urgent
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Aug7-14, 03:18 AM
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hi everyone

so i am working on an assignment to overall find the efficiency of a small electric motor.

i need help with the following things:

1. Factors that can affect efficiency of a small motor (i need to talk about mass as the factor)
2. Why it is important to understand efficiency
3. Explaining the relevance of efficiency to scientific applications or the relevance in supporting scientific knowledge
4. why it is important to know about efficiency of motor (so like implications for example electric cars)

If you have any info on these that would be the best! oh and by the way im in 9th grade so yeah.
Cheers :)
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Aug7-14, 03:38 AM
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hi there
welcome to PF

what have you found out so far in your research ?

people will help you but will try and not give you straight out answers to homework
rather they will help point you in the right direction, but you need to show some effort

I have asked for this to be moved to the homework section


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