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Silicon carbide polytypes (large unit cells)

by steve_h
Tags: carbide, cells, polytypes, silicon, unit
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Jul14-14, 11:07 AM
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Hello everyone.

I am a Hungarian born Australian theoretical/applied physicist. This is my first post on the forums.

I am aware that silicon carbide crystal occurs in many different crystalline forms. I was wondering if someone here could please point me to a source that catalogs the polytypes in an idiot-proof manner? I basically want the stacking sequences e.g. ABCABCAB... especially for those big bad boy monster unit cells.

This is not for anything serious, just for fun pondering the puzzle of how crystals with such huge unit cells are able to form from what is a very simple basic atomic arrangement. How does the ~100th layer (or whatever it is) know to repeat the pattern?.. Thanks!
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