Localized classical configuration of E and B, a basis to build up dipole radiation?

by Spinnor
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Jan26-13, 03:51 PM
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Suppose we are far from a 1000 watt source of constant radio frequency electric dipole radiation, say R/λ > 1000. Suppose this antenna is in outer space so there is no matter to make things more complicated.

Stop time.

Does there exist some localized (say 90 percent of the field energy in a volume 10 λ long and about 1 λ wide) configuration of electric and magnetic fields that:

have a field energy of hc/λ,

that nearly or exactly satisfies Maxwell's equations,

that move radially away from the dipole source at light speed,

that stay confined to a moving volume 10 λ long and about 1 λ wide,

and that when many of these configurations are superimposed in the space 1000 λ and beyond the antenna, with the right phase and orientations, the resultant electric and magnetic fields nearly approximates the electric and magnetic fields of the constant frequency dipole source above?

Thanks for any help!
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