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Load Commutation -Power Electronics in Simulink

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Sep18-13, 03:42 AM
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Dear friends

I have been using SIMULINK for some time already... I am impress with the new toolboxs and ready blocks.

Therefore, I wanted to simulate a simply load commutation, using a simple configuration of an LCI ( Load Commutated Inverter) please check picture attached.

I think by using the speed of the motor (which can be taken from Motor simulink ready block) and knowing the initial position of the rotor, can be a good control signal to trigger the thyristor. But this is not my goal, I think that with this any mosfet configuration is good enough.

I want to build a simple model which "provide" the load-commutation from the emf of the rotor. I think only applies to Synchronous Motors. ( Perhaps in Synchronous generators during braking ? )

Right now I am only introducing my idea here.

If someone would like to give a try to this I will be happy to follow this post and I am sure that together we can come up with something.
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LCI basic circuit.jpg  
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