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Quick P. Energy Derivation Question

by Angry Citizen
Tags: derivation, energy
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Angry Citizen
Mar6-12, 08:41 PM
P: 867
When deriving the work-potential energy theorem, my book states that dV (derivative of the potential energy) is equal to the negative of Fdr without a corresponding explanation. What is the justification behind the negative sign?
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Mar6-12, 09:06 PM
P: 51
As such,there is no explanation,its about definition.

The important thing is,for conservative forces,you can define a potential.Even if you had define dV=Fdr,you would have a consistent theory.The fact that dV=-Fdr,and not Fdr,is not logic,its convention.

In essence,it means that,when positive work is done by the field forces on body,its potential energy decreases,and kinetic energy increases.

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