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Is this photo physically possible?

by lbs
Tags: photo, physically, shadow, sunlight
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Simon Bridge
Mar19-14, 11:48 PM
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Quote Quote by lbs View Post
This photo is part of a series of photos where fakery was conclusively proven through the observation of digital editing artifacts, impossible positioning of anatomy and incorrect placement of shadows and light.
Where is the collection of pictures please?

I initially thought you were referring to a "spot how this was faked" type site - but this photo does not seem to appear on any of those that I can find.

I have been unable to find any reason to suspect that the photo is a fake - apart from your assertions above or those of conspiracy theorists.

Quote Quote by lbs View Post
I must say they are oddly arrayed, as a group. They seem disconnected and unaware of each other. But this is just more speculation.
And poor speculation at that - you can easily find photos like it online. It is a posed shot - posed shots always look like that, which is why photographers prefer not to take them unless they have to.

I will see if I can find a higher resolution version and place it under the scrutiny of Photoshop.
Is photoshop a good tool for this?

What you want to do is called "digital image forensics and authentication".
It's quite an involved process.

Note: all jpeg photos have been doctored - by the jpeg compression itself.
This process removes information from the raw image requiring interpolation to reconstruct it.
As a result you are certain to find that the image has been altered but that does not mean it was faked.

Quote Quote by AlephZero View Post
It seemed odd to me that the right hand edge of the white rock that the left hand girl is sitting on, seemed unnaturally straight and is making an almost exactly "vertical" line down the image. But you would need a higher resolution image that what is posted here to check it out.
I wondered about that too - and it has been brought up on conspiracy-theory sites. I don't think it's all that unusual - I live in a rocky area and have several shots I have not used because of the unnatural straight lines that emerged. The grey rock goes behind the brown one. There are other rocks of both colors in the background.

Quote Quote by russ_watters View Post
The girls in white looks washed-out, out of focus and out of perspective (too big) to me while the guy looks too small. But the perspective and focus can be explained by an unexpected camera field of view: close-up, wide-angle. That would also make the shadows' divergent angles steeper, which was the OP's first concern. That may even be able to explain the wash-out (closer=brighter). So I can't say I see anything inexplicably odd.
Yeah - that's what I ended up concluding.
There is nothing there to suggest a fake - leads me to wonder about the other "conclusive" fakes from the collection this is supposed to have come from.

Quote Quote by leroyjenkens View Post
So they believe she was put into a picture where she didn't belong in order to cover up the fact that she died?
The idea seems to be that the whole school shooting is some sort of conspiracy - the picture was faked to make those three look like they were all in the same family when they are actually unrelated actors etc.

The US government (or other favorite bee-in-bonnet) has the resources to make these pictures perfect - but that does not deter people: they just say that the poor quality of the cover-up is part of the conspiracy.

Seems like in the mind of a conspiracy theorist, if there's anything they suspect of being weird, no matter what that is, that allows them to make up any story they want, regardless if it has anything to do with the suspected weirdness.

We see it all the time - start by assuming the truth of your theory, then hunt down evidence to support it. Exactly the opposite of the scientific approach.

All the purported artifacts are consistent with some aspect of the photographic process.
There is no context for the dated photo pior to the shootings to suggest that it is a fake.
Therefore - no reason to suspect a fake.

I suspect that the source of the photo and suspicions are some conspiracy-theory website and we should give no further consideration to the question unless a legitimate reference is provided.
Mar20-14, 12:04 AM
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Conspiracy theories are not allowed on the PF. Thread is closed.

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