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Is there any real scentisit (who is not creationism) reject evolution?

by S_David
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Nov15-12, 05:44 PM
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S, what is your understanding of evolution? And I'll ask again, since I did not get an answer, what is the point of this thread?

I want to ask other members to refrain from posting until we get a clear explanation from the OP. There is no point posting if we do not get a clear explanation first.

Thank you.
Nov15-12, 05:56 PM
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Quote Quote by S_David View Post
Thank you, but my point is not to support my beliefs for example or so, rather I need to know what are the scientific objections, to have unbiased opinion about evolution.
There are none.
It is hard if not impossible to examine evolution, so it is not like physical or other theories which can be tested using experiments.
That is completely wrong. You really need to make an effort to learn about evolution because statements like this imply you've made no effort whatsoever. Instead of trying to understand the theory, you appear to be putting all of your effort into searching for people who disagree with it.
About DNA, is fusion of two chromosomes all what we find in difference between humans and apes?
No, there are also small differences in the data encoded in the chromosomes themselves.
Nov15-12, 06:05 PM
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I think this is a good place to put this to rest.

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