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Soft Ferrites

by Electropioneer
Tags: ferrites, soft
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Aug29-13, 06:23 AM
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Does anyone on this forum have any experience in soft ferrites production?
I am Electronic and Control Engineer, and I am using them all the time. My knowledge of Chemistry is limited, to say the least, and I wish to learn more about how they are molded and made..

1) I assume that ferrite powder is combined with some binding compound and heated to high temperature. Probably by inductive heating... Is my assumption correct?

2) I found this formula in a paper (and wikipedia), it describes ferrite material. MnxZn(1-x)Fe2O4 but I don't understand what does this "x" means. if x=0.5, how can something be Half Manganese-Half Zinc?? It makes no sense to me...

If anyone would be kind enough to provide me with some reading material on the subject, i would be grateful. Also, i tried google-ing but couldn't come up with anything. It might be because I am not sure what I am looking for.

Thank you.
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