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Camera help - Win7 HomePremiume and picture uploads

by biferi
Tags: camera, homepremiume, picture, uploads, win7
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Jan24-13, 03:02 PM
P: 193
I have the Canon SD 1000 Camara and Win7 Home Premiume on my Desktop.

When I plug the Camara in a windo opens asking me what do I want to do and I click Import Pictures and it works.

On my Laptop I am running Win7 HomePremiume the same thing but when I plug in my Camara now window open I have to go into Computer find the Camara and Right click on it the click Import Pictures.

So I thought it was an Autoplay setting I had to fix so I open my Autio play window and go down to Pictures and set it to Ask Me Every Time and save Settings.

But it still does the same thing any help?
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Jan24-13, 03:07 PM
P: 3,097
This may help:

there's a link to what if the dialog doesn't pop up and inside it is a link to how to turn autoplay on/off. It doesn't say if you need to reboot but if your test doesn't work then try a reboot.
Jan24-13, 04:43 PM
P: 193
I went to the link and I see where it says if Autoplay does not come up what to do.

But I want to have Autoplay come up and I go into Autoplay screen and for Pictures I set it to Ask Me Every Time.

But I have a check in Turn Autoplay on.

And nothing

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