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Four forces

by brjense
Tags: forces
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Mar3-14, 09:37 PM
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Why only four forces? Are there more and we just can't feel them or experience them. What would they be?
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Mar3-14, 09:56 PM
jtbell's Avatar
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How would we know there are more than four forces if we can't observe them experimentally?
Mar3-14, 09:59 PM
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Maybe there is only one force only relative to charge and mass?

Mar3-14, 10:58 PM
Drakkith's Avatar
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Four forces

Quote Quote by brjense View Post
Maybe there is only one force only relative to charge and mass?
What about color and flavor?
Mar4-14, 03:44 AM
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In my opinion, the question should have been if there was once a single force (in a unified theory) how did we end up with 4 forces instead of some other set? Or, in other words, why did nature choose the Standard Model as the subgroup it would be spontaneously broken to....
If there were more forces, we would have seen them?

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