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Stepper motor increase rpm but keep torque

by nomisme
Tags: increase, motor, stepper, torque
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Jul10-14, 06:24 AM
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Is it possible that I keep the typical working torque but increase the rpm by raising my voltage to my motor?

I have this motor and control board:|acc

My current rpm is just 3.5rpm which is too low to my desired 18rpm but I will need to keep the torque to go on.

please help.
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Simon Bridge
Jul10-14, 07:51 AM
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increasing the voltage usually increases the rpm and the torque.
Mind you, if the step timing is a constant then, although the motor spends less time doing each step, the average speed should stay the same.

Changing the average speed of the motor, then, involves making more steps per second.
So what controls that?
Jul10-14, 09:03 PM
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Generally, increasing the voltage to the stepper motor is done to provide more torque. If undertorqued, the stepper motor will not advance to the next step, ie it will not turn.

Jul12-14, 07:24 AM
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Stepper motor increase rpm but keep torque

Your motor should have a torque-voltage-RPM curve given by the manufacturer. Your answer is there.

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