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Steel strength chart?

by ctstaas
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Aug19-14, 12:02 PM
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Hi All, I am looking for a chart with A36 square tubing strengths. I am mostly concerned with tension strength but yield and other values might come in handy later. Thanks for you input, Chris
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Aug19-14, 12:23 PM
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Have you tried google? You can find catalogs from various suppliers of steel tubing if you take a little time to search for them.
Aug27-14, 03:14 PM
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You need to ask your supplier to ensure that you use the correct yield strength, as not all grades of steel are equal e.g. S275, S355, S420 etc where 275 is the yield strength in MPa or N/mm2

Aug30-14, 09:49 PM
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Steel strength chart?

I've found MIL-HDBK-5J to be an excellent material properties resource that can be found free in PDF form online. That being said, A36 isn't covered in it because A36 typically isn't used in strength-critical applications dues to its material properties compared to other much stronger steel alloys being available.

If you have an application where material strength is a design concern, make sure to buy material which has been certified for the strength your design requires. This goes double for safety-critical applications.

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