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Arrhenius vs. Le Chatelier battle

by Woopydalan
Tags: arrhenius, battle, chatelier
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Oct18-13, 11:59 AM
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In my class we were talking about the design of an ammonia reactor, and there is a battle between arrhenius and le chatelier for getting the highest conversions. Apparently the two are at odds with each other as far as getting the highest conversion of ammonia.

I am confused how the two, that separately both can be used to increase the products, have incompatibilities to fully utilize both of them to get the best conversion possible.

Sorry if this sounds vague, but I figured the thought of a fight between Le chatelier and arrhenius would spark interest
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Oct18-13, 03:37 PM
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Nothing new. You want a high temperature fro the reaction to be fast, you want low temperature for the equilibrium to lie on the right, so you need to find some kind of optimum to be able to produce as much as possible of the final product in the time unit.

Please disperse, there is nothing to see. Same old thing, repeated in all chemistry all around.

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