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Weight difference of graphene vs copper?

by Dash-IQ
Tags: copper, difference, graphene, weight
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Aug15-14, 10:35 PM
P: 108
I know that graphene is a far more superb conductor than copper, but I'm trying to compare their weight difference. I mean, lets take an example: A copper busbar that is 7kg with resistance of 2 micro-Ω can carry a lot of current(in kA), I assume a much lighter(possible less than a kg) graphene conductor can conduct the same current range and is much much lighter?

Trying to grasp more about this amazing material.
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Aug15-14, 11:14 PM
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You want specific resistivity: divide resistivity by density.

This will give you a resistivity to weight ratio much like specific strength:

If you divide resistivity by cost/kg you'll see one reason why copper is used as bus bars rather than graphene....

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