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Real life azimuth problem

by getting2it
Tags: azimuth, bearing, triangulation
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Aug26-14, 09:32 AM
P: 2
Draw this description out on a piece of paper if you would like. I cannot figure this out, it has been years since I have done math at this level.

I am standing at point A and have a distance of 87.8333 feet to Point B, my azimuth bearing is 123 degrees. I want to move over 20 feet and find the bearing to the same point B, this distance will also be 87.8333 feet. So I want to triangulate. The question is: What would my new azimuth bearing be to get to Point B, also please show how to solve. Note: I am dealing with geomagnetic bearings, no need to convert to True North.

Thank You
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Aug26-14, 09:49 AM
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Oh my goodness, after posting above I was sitting here thinking and I remembered 2 pi r squared.

so 2 x r x pi = circumference Divided by 360 times 20 gives me the new bearing. basics basics, thanks anyway to all of you.

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