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Calculation of Lorentz Force in Generator and its mass equivalence

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Feb3-14, 11:34 PM
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Greetings All -
Per F=BIL I can calculate quantity of Force on coil (or magnet), when I draw certain amount of current from the generator.
So I need help in calculating the Force and then weight equivalent of it. Let's say I have Single coil [with 300 turns] generator [wire length = 92 meter], when I move that coil over Magnets in short circuit condition, I sense the opposite force [F] as current [I = 5 amp] passes through the coil. I calculate the amount of opposite force, being exerted on coil for that current as: B = (0.5 T)

F = 0.5 * 5 * 92 = 230 N/Amp.m [Am I correct in Units?], this means I feel the force of 230 N/Amp.m continuously.

Now I want to know how can I relate this force to weight equivalent? I mean when I hold 1 kg weight in my hand I feel F = 9.8 kg.m/s.s

Any help?
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