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High School Student looking for insight regarding engineering

by SeanLM
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Aug20-13, 04:30 PM
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Hi, I'm a junior in high school who is looking to focus on some type of engineering. I have researched a lot on the web and at interesting questions on this forum about the different types of engineers and what they do. What most intrigued me was ME which has a wide field of opportunities and careers. Ultimately, my question is: what major would be greatest in salary AND joy related to my interests and hobbies? - My completely avid interests are as follows: Surfing, lacrosse, cars, especially fast and nice cars, boating and boats, watches, hockey, anything having to do with the water, skiing, and anything with an adrenaline rush...haha.

If i choose to become a ME what could i pursue that would keep me focused, make the most money, and of course enjoy!!!!??? I have been some type of engineering for designing cars - what type of engineer would be the best? or would industrial design be better?

I felt compelled to tell all readers my situation. I am about to be a junior in HS in RI. I am taking about 4 honors classes that include chemistry, english, biotechnology and maybe one more. and reg classes like us history, spanish, and pre-calculus. Next year i will be taking honors physics and calculus.

I am a very hard working student and i work towards what i want. I always apply myself and look to learn more and more everyday. I am the person to take initiative and feel as though i am always a leader. I am also an outgoing and humorous person who knows how to get what I want. The only thing i have a hard time doing is focusing in class if the topic is confusing and uninteresting.

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Aug20-13, 06:04 PM
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Sorry, ME won't offer you an adrenaline rush. ME will give you the opportunity to pursue an engineering career after four years of hard work at college. If you can't learn to focus by the time you're off to college, it could mean that you college career will be brief, and you can spend more time getting those adrenaline rushes.
Aug21-13, 09:32 AM
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Engineering is a good focus since it will leave you prepared for very many different career paths. If STEM is a strength of your's then begin to focus on your communication skills for balance.

As regards salary, let me direct you to a cnbc article "There Is No Shortage of Tech Workers", Because of the ability of corporations to lobby for H1B visa increases, don't expect salaries to rise much or for there to be very much job security. Employment in many engineering fields is very cyclical and you could experience longer periods of unemployment than you might expect given headlines about high demand for engineers. Employers are increasingly less committed to retraining workers.

Much work in engineering can be tedious and frustrating but also satisfying if you like science and math. A very interesting and more secure field would be in the area of health care, e.g. Biomedical Engineering, Bioinformatics, Data Sciences (like the Institute of Data Sciences and Engineering - Columbia University), Robotics etc. that are related to ME, CS, EE.

Good luck. Remember that engineering is about detail and discipline first with "the rush" coming at the successful completion of the project.

Aug21-13, 01:34 PM
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High School Student looking for insight regarding engineering

Mechanical engineering is a good fit for people who love science, but aren't too particular about what they want to do. The ME discipline touches a lot of fields, so it exposes you to a lot of possibilities. I'd say, if you like working with your hands and building something, ME is a good fit. If not, then specialize in something you'd rather do.

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