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Several Voltage Source in Parallel

by DarkGuardsman
Tags: circuit, parallel, source, voltage
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Dec23-13, 01:53 AM
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Not sure if that was directed at me or vk6kro but i'm looking to create the code that makes the simulation software work. In which i'm asking these simple questions to confirm a few things. This way i don't create a false simulation by having it use the wrong assumptions. Also yes blowing up batteries in a field is fun if you have extra car batteries. You can get about the same result out of two AA.

Ya your earlier post was actually helpful and look forward to you detailing what happens when diodes are involved.
Dec23-13, 05:08 AM
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fair enough

Well, you need to tread carefully here. That is NOT always true for voltage sources. Lab work on electronic circuits does not normally use batteries, it uses power supplies and they are not subject to recharging like batteries and they may or may not (but most likely not) allow any reverse current flow.
That is why i asked the diode question as the few power supplies I've built use diodes for protection. Though i'm interested in what would happen if i had a power supply that allowed reverse current flow. I assume that nothing good would happen and at some point it would stop working.
Dec23-13, 05:10 AM
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Thanks that should make it easy to explain to the other devs i work with.

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