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Infinite divisibility of matter?

by EternusVia
Tags: divisibility, infinite, matter
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Apr30-14, 10:01 AM
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Your original question was "I often wonder if matter is infinitely divisible." These answers are saying "As far as we know now, no".
I think you'll recall that I had multiple questions in the introduction to this post, and the individual that replied only offered a blanket definition.

Now that others have responded, I would agree that my questions have been answered.
Apr30-14, 10:26 AM
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Quote Quote by sophiecentaur View Post
Is that any different from everything else? The Standard Model is only a model which happens to include a large number of other entities 'satisfactorily'. Just explaining the relationships doesn't say anything about the true 'nature' of them.
I suppose that depends on your position on Standard Model and whether or not you differentiate between the parts that are extremely solid (usually older, more easily testable phenomena) and the newer, more difficult and less tested parts. Whatever words you choose to describe it, Gravity is a fly in the soup, the single most perplexing enigma.

It also depends on how you weight your data. I'll bet on 10 to 1 odds any day, but I might hesitate on 2 to 1. 1 to 1? I'll wait for more data. The point is, at some level of odds it is sufficient and well within reason to consider something "true". After sufficient accretion, newcomers have to "beat the champ". A "tie" just won't do.

It seems to me we are at a stage now with Standard Model somewhat analogous to the point where Evolution faced the test of the discovery of the base mechanism, DNA. Just as it bolstered Evolution, I'm betting that with the creation of so many disparate and newly powerful tools the Standard Model will come out stronger than ever. If I understand correctly, recent discoveries have laid waste to many Quantum Gravity efforts as well as some subsets of String Theory, while all the many tests at LHC, for example, seem to consistently bear out Standard Model. The next several years promise to be quite the shakeout....pretty exciting.

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