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How to call built in MuPAD functions from MATLAB command window

by CraigH
Tags: built, command, functions, matlab, mupad, window
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Dec30-13, 10:54 AM
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Is anyone here any good with MATLAB? I could do with some help.

I want to use the ellipticF function as shown here. I just want to put in a number and it return another number (the answer).

I want it to work like the ellipke function:


K =


E =


But the ellipticF isn't working like this.

It says I have to use the MuPAD Notebook Interface, but I don't know what this means. Apparently it is possible to call MuPad functions using the matlab command window, but I cant get it work.

If anyone here is good with MATLAB could you please post what I have to type in to get this function to work?

Thank you!
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