Normal ordering

by Catria
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Nov16-13, 08:35 AM
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I know that, given scalar [itex]A_{i}[/itex] fields, the normal order is defined as [itex]:A_{1}...A_{n}: = \sum \prod A^{-}_{i}\prod A^{+}_{j}[/itex] with the [itex]A^{-}_{i}[/itex] being the negative frequency parts, containing creation operators, and the [itex]A^{+}_{j}[/itex] being the positive frequency parts, containing annihilation operators.

But how does one go on to calculate [itex]:A_{1}...A_{n}:A_{n+1}[/itex] if [itex]A_{n+1}[/itex] is also a scalar field with such components?
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