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Precession Frequency of simple gyroscope

by unscientific
Tags: gyroscope
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Jul22-13, 10:03 AM
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To summarize:

1. The solenoid is supplied with an AC voltage.

2. Produces an AC magnetic field out of the page

3. Exerts an AC magnetic force on the Nb-Plate that's placed just outside of one end of the solenoid

4. There is a fluid circulating in the torus, with angular momentum L in the z-direction (out of the page)

5. What is the torque exerted on L due to the oscillating Nb-plate which forces the torus to oscillate with it?

Directions: ∅ (Left-right), θ (In-Out of page)

I'm not sure how they got an extra θ0 term in their torque about ∅. I know in small oscillations, the magnitude of change in L is

ΔL ≈ θ0L

which occurs within half a period = T/2:

ΔL/Δt = 2θ0L/T = 2fθ0L

which also doesn't match their expression..
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Jul23-13, 04:32 AM
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I have shifted this to the 'Classical Physics' part of the forum. Admin please delete this post if you wish.

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