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The cursor of my laptop screen is oversensitive? How to stop it

by sameeralord
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Jun18-14, 04:55 AM
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Hello everyone,

Recently the cursor of my laptop screen is so overactive and oversensitive. If I just click one thing, it clicks many things. If my cursor just moves near some folder or something, it quickly opens even when I didn't click it. How can I get my cursor to normal sensitivity. Thanks

From the cursor what I mean is the mouse like thing in the laptop. Even when I touch it a bit, the cursor moves so far away.
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Jun18-14, 05:20 AM
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It's called a touch pad.
Do you have tohe drivers installed for it? If so, it will usually provide options for reducing the sensitivity and the "pressure" needed for a click
Jun18-14, 10:49 AM
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Hey thanks for the reply. I think the drivers are installed (I didn't install anything externally, when I bought the laptop all the drivers were originally installed and touch pad was working well, i haven't changed anything from there?. How do I access the options for touch pad . Do I check in control panel? What do I search there? Can you tell how to access the panel. Thanks

Jun18-14, 11:05 AM
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The cursor of my laptop screen is oversensitive? How to stop it

What is the model of your Laptop?
You can try searching the control panel. My laptop have it's touch pad settings there.
Jun18-14, 11:58 PM
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I got this issue recently. for me, the power adapter of the speakers was causing this problem. its " noise" was interfering with the touchpad, just verify that you don't have any power adapter plugged in, or any electronic device near the laptop, and see if this problem persists.
Jun22-14, 02:34 PM
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The sensitivity can usually be adjusted in software. But, we need to know what OS (and maybe what kind of machine hardware) you are running.

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