Need a little help with my Ti-84+ (its graphing the wrong thing)

by Tyrion101
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Jan21-14, 10:52 PM
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I'll put in an equation using the y= function, that I've found out on my own, and I know to be correct, yet when I hit graph, lately the slope will be wrong, and the line will be in the wrong place, I've even reset the ram, to no effect. When I go into the table none of the original points I used for this equation are in it. Why would this be a correct solution??
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Jan22-14, 01:18 AM
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When you say "the slope will be wrong," you mean the the visual output? If this is so, then it has to do with the screen resolution. You may be able to fix this in the settings for the graphing window. However, you may not be able to see the entirity of the domain or range when you do this. To make certain the slope is correct, you can always use CALCULATE > dy/dx. Or, you can trace the points and make certain that the (x, y) values match.

What is the function? Is it really a line?

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