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Different Situations Related To Circular Motion

by IAmCurious
Tags: circular, motion, situations
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Mar22-14, 03:09 AM
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I was asked to make experiments related to circular motion. The experiments will engage on different situations related to circular motion that we need to explain such as:

-Analyzing the forces and the acceleration of a ball that moving circularly in a squared glass compared to the same ball that moving circularly in a concave glass.

-Analyzing the forces of a pearl threaded in necklace that also moving circularly for few seconds.

Which different situations related to circular motion should I do my experiments about?
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Mar23-14, 08:08 AM
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Consider a rotating bicycle wheel. On one of the spokes, there is a loose pearl, which can slide on the spoke radially. Study the forces and work needed to pull the pearl from the periphery to the center of the wheel, while sliding on the spoke.

Another one: place the pearl at the hub. Release it and study its trajectory as it slides towards the periphery. What forces act on it?

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