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3D Added mass

by Fluidman117
Tags: added, mass
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Sep10-13, 04:34 AM
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I am trying to compute the natural frequency of a system and I also need to add the added mass term to my equation. The object I have is a torus and is basically in heaving motion. I found a good paper, which gives a formula for 3d added mass and 2d added mass.

I would figure that I have to use the 3d added mass formula, correct? But when and why do you need to use the 2D added mass?

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Sep11-13, 02:22 AM
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Sep11-13, 04:26 AM
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Just give it a little time. Your question is very specific and not general knowledge to most of us.

Sep11-13, 10:10 AM
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3D Added mass

A reference to the paper would help as well - or at least some clues about what you mean by "heaving motion of a torus".

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