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Magnetic properties for In2O3, indium (iii) oxide

by fahmi amin
Tags: in2o3, indium, magnetic, oxide, properties
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fahmi amin
Apr24-14, 09:59 AM
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hello everyone..

1) what is the magnetic properties for indium oxide? i hope that it has ferrimagnetic properties (ferrite) so that i can mixed it with ferroelectric material, to form a multiferroic materials.

2) i have planned to use barium titanate as my ferroelectric material in my multiferroic. anyone who can suggest to me any ferrite magnet to be used (except MgFe2O4 and CoFe2O4)?

BaTiO3 - ??????
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Apr24-14, 10:39 AM
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Have you checked the scientific literature?

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