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Amount of solar energy per day in a given location

by ondrejjosef
Tags: energy, location, solar
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May17-14, 07:33 AM
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I'm trying to find equation for an amount of solar energy that given place (of some latitude) on Earth's surface receives during a given day. I know it can be derived by using basic geometry, but I just need it for some application and don't want to waste time and risk mistakes. So if you know, where I could find this, I would greatly appreciate a reference. Thanks in advance for any help.

Josef Ondrej
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May17-14, 07:44 AM
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That is impossible to calculate.
The amount of solar energy reaching the Earth depends on many factors. Think about clouds.
May17-14, 08:00 AM
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My mistake, sorry for not specifying the question more accurately. You can assume that solar output is perfectly homogenous, constant, Earth is a perfect spehere with no atmosphere. Basically I'm just interested in the effect of varying angle from which you can see the Sun from that place.

May17-14, 08:49 AM
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Amount of solar energy per day in a given location

The US government keeps records/models of this:
May18-14, 04:15 PM
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If instead of tables you prefer equations, this should help

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