AC theory help needed

by MegaDeth
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May7-13, 05:36 AM
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Hey, so I've just started learning about AC theory. I understand the reactance part of it, both capacitive and inductive. Although there are a few things I need to clear up. If there's a resistor, capacitor and inductor in series, will the calculated current from each component be the same? I assume it is since it's a series circuit, but just to make sure.
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May7-13, 06:16 AM
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yes, the current in a series circuit is the same in all components. How could it possibly be otherwise?
Philip Wood
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May7-13, 05:08 PM
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There is no current literally through the capacitor, because there is an insulator between its plates, but whenever electrons flow on to one of its plates, an equal number flow off the other plate, so it's as if there were an unbroken flow of electrons through the capacitor - in one wire and out through the other.

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