Elastic Collision & Angular Monentum Transfer

by MikeO
Tags: angular, collision, elastic, monentum, transfer
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Feb4-14, 09:42 AM
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I have a 3DOF gryo with massless bearings and gimbals that is enclosed in case or cylinder. The cylinder will limit the range of motion of the gyro. Please see the pictures.

I am trying calculate rotor velocities in pitch and yaw after a collision with the cylinder wall. The rotating mass never touches the wall, just the non-rotating obect at then end of the axel. In fact, it is there to keep the spinning mass from contacting the wall. Lets call it a gimbal stop. In this example, the gimbal stop can precess into the wall or the cylinder can rotate into the gimbal stop. I have the inertia tensors for the cylinder and the rotor. Is this a case of total kinetic energery before and after collision? (same with momentum) ??
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