is there list/overview of widely available strong/durable "industrial" fabrics?

by cave_cat
Tags: canvass, durable, industrial fabrics
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May12-12, 07:45 AM
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a common complaint I see in online reviews for various types of durable, weather proof bags is that they actually turn out to be not all that durable. So, suppose I wanted to either be a discriminating shopper understanding the type and quality of the fabric in existing products, or else I wanted to make my own durable "cave_cat certified" bags.

What reading or advertising materials are there to get some notion of what reasonably priced "industrial strength" durable fabrics are there on the market (more like ebay or alibaba market than NASA procurement market) and their pros and cons? My ebay searches for words like "industrial strength" and "canvass" don't seem to yield much meaningful information.
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