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What LHC has found?

by ryanuser
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Dec26-13, 06:33 PM
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So I did a search on google but couldn't
Find what LHC has discovered more for past few years apart from Higgs Boson, can you name them and do a little description please.
(Keep it simple please, understandable for high school student).
Many thanks
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Simon Bridge
Dec26-13, 07:47 PM
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What are you talking about?
Google scholar gives me 65000 hits for papers associated with the Large Hadron Colider.

Bear in mind though - the vast majority of scientific research results in disproofs or are inconclusive rather than making discoveries. There are other reasons to buy into big science though.
Dec28-13, 01:11 PM
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This looks like the first new particle it discovered..

Most discoveries are not new particles though.

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