description of optical tweezers: Ponderomotive force?

by pjbeierle
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Oct18-13, 05:01 PM
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It is mentioned that in optical tweezers the dielectric particles are attracted to the gradient of the laser's electric field.
Is this mechanism the same as the ponderomotive force?
If so, why is this connection not made directly?

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Oct19-13, 09:46 AM
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Ponderomotive force:

Optical tweezers:

So ponderomotive force is due to the oscillating electric fields, while optical tweezers depend upon the average electric field gradient. These are different physical processes.
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Oct19-13, 12:16 PM
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Under certain conditions, ponderomotive force plays a role.

Trapping in the Rayleigh Regime (Origin of Pondermotive Force)

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Oct19-13, 12:31 PM
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description of optical tweezers: Ponderomotive force?

Ah, i see. Thanks!

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