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Proving using rodrigue's formula (a very challenging question)

by artisticmath
Tags: challenging, formula, proving, rodrigue
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Apr26-14, 04:23 AM
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This is a very challenging question I would like your help guys to solve this question.
Prove (n+1)Pn+1(x)-(2n+1)xPn(x)+nPn-1(x)=0 using Rodriguez's formula
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Apr26-14, 04:29 AM
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What have you tried so far?
Apr26-14, 04:56 AM
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The problem is in differentiating ..I really find it very difficult to differentiate..

Apr26-14, 07:13 AM
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Proving using rodrigue's formula (a very challenging question)

You still haven't said what you tried. Or are you saying that, because you are "find it very difficult to differentiate", you simply haven't tried at all?
Apr26-14, 07:37 AM
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I am making a progress .. I found a formula that allowed me to differentiate (n+1) times, so now am working on finding Pn+1 and Pn-1 by the Rodriguez formula , and then substituting them back in the equation..

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